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The Final Chapter 04 October 2004
I don’t know how many people still come here for VP, VB, Voodoo or whatever information and stuff so im not gonna kill the site, however the programming section of the site has gone down as the people maintaining it gave up long go, also with the death of VP FREE the VP Section has died, i may update that with my fave toys section :) and the stuff i can test still, i will be removing all the links as they are all dead, the Needed Files still work, some of the links work and the tutorials work il be looking at the source codes and seeing about uploading them but for now,

  • Needed Files
  • Links
  • IE Tips
  • Tutorials
  • Voodoo Chat

The above are the only working sections! the VP source and Programming Sections are down for now and under the Redundant Pages section where if there is anything you want e-mail me and il send it!

News and Updates April 2002
First up Cenobitez Domain, will be unupdated for a few weeks until i have moved it too its new home, the address will be the same only the file locations will be different.... Please Bookmark

Cenobitez Domain has laid dormant for a while due to college work, and other commitments, I have updated the programming section, and added some links stuff, imma work on the Source Code section next, then needed files but i need to prioritise first heh..

I had planned a voodoo update this time around, I have uploaded the skins and I have a selection of software including an OCX that I had wrote...

I have been banned from TBH Forums and from Voodoo Chat, this is mainly my fault though.. Some one said “bet your sorry now” my reply was, im sorry that I was banned and that I may have upset people it was not my intention,, A Friend is a friend, if I was in a similar situation I would probably do the the same, my limit is at physical hurt or real damage, then friends wont find me helping they will find me trying to stop them....

As far as my site and Voodoo and Virtual Places go, I will not me updating them, since I have access to neither... I am hoping that at some point Mike will see fit to unban me, I doubt it though since it would show that his Policy isn’t hard and fast...

I will work on a redesign soon, it depends how my time works our, I should have more time now i'm not distracted with voodoo or working on related programming... I may finally get my PC up and running too heh..

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